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Empowering Farmers and Traders to sell online 


MamaMboga is a dedicated agricultural online platform where farmers traders and customers can trade online. 

Benefits to Farmers

Farmers are connected to the market, gaining access to a wider audience, and showcasing their diverse range of products online. With MamaMboga's support, they can reach consumers beyond their local communities. 


Benefits to traders

Traders benefit from MamaMboga B2B support, enabling them to establish an online presence and connect with an extensive supplier base. This opens up new opportunities for them to expand their businesses and serve consumers more efficiently. 

 Benefits to consumers

Consumers can gain access to plenty of authentic and diverse products from various counties. By facilitating direct connections between consumers and traders &farmers, MamaMboga eliminates intermediaries, guaranteeing the authenticity and origin of every product Consumers will receive genuine, fresh produce without intermediaries. 

In a bid to secure all parties involved, our platform has the following security features: we enable the buyer to get access to genuine and verified traders/farmers and go a step further to holding the funds that the buyer pays and only release it to the farmer/trader upon order fulfillment. 

To ensure the authenticity of our participants, we require that all traders and farmers submit essential KYC documents during the registration process. These documents include their National ID, KRA PIN, and Certificate of Business Registration. By implementing this thorough KYC process, we build a trusted network of sellers, assuring our customers of a secure and reliable e-commerce platform. 


Access to verified and Genuine Produce by physically confirming the existence of the product on the farm. This guarantees that our customers receive only the freshest and most authentic agricultural produce. 

Benefits to the government 

MamaMboga collaborates with the Government to support local farmers, boost food security, and promote economic growth within rural communities 

 Benefits to logistic partners 

Logistic partners form an essential part of the MamaMboga network, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries from farmers and traders to consumers. Their expertise ensures that products are transported safely, maintaining their freshness throughout the supply chain. 



System Security 

In a bid to secure all parties involved, our platform has the following security features: 

  • Simplified Checkout Options: Our platform offers simplified checkout options, including wallet, mobile money, and cards. Each transaction is securely processed, utilizing industry-standard encryption to safeguard sensitive payment information. 


  • Universal Generation of Bills/Invoice: We provide a universal generation of bills and invoices that can be settled securely on our platform and outside of it within our ecosystem. This ensures seamless and protected payment processing for all transactions. 

  • Secure Crediting of Seller Earnings: Sellers' earnings are credited directly to their e-wallet, guaranteeing a secure and efficient payment system. This protects sellers' financial interests and fosters trust in our platform. 

  • Secure E-Wallet Transactions: Sellers with e-wallet balances have the ability to make purchases from each other, utilizing their funds securely within our ecosystem.

This streamlined process ensures secure and trustworthy seller-to-seller transactions. 

  • Safe Withdrawal of E-Wallet Balances: Users can withdraw their e-wallet balances into a pre-approved and authorized bank account or paybill. This withdrawal process is closely monitored and verified to ensure the security and safety of funds. 

Diversity and Inclusivity: Exploring Kenya's Rich Agricultural Offerings 

Through MamaMboga's expansive reach and dedication to inclusivity, consumers can access a wide variety of products from different counties, allowing them to explore the rich agricultural offerings of Kenya while supporting local economies. This commitment to diversity and authenticity strengthens the agricultural sector as a whole, fostering growth and sustainability.